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Experts in both private
and public sector construction

About MP Brothers

MP Brothers was registered as a limited company in 1974. It has been responsible, and is familiar with all methods of building procurement.

The company prides itself in having strength in depth in the diverse knowledge and skills required to operate in its chosen markets. Building activities undertaken are on a traditional design & build, management or partnering basis. 

MP Brothers has vast experience in both the private and public sectors. In the private sector the company has worked for both the commercial and private housing sectors. 

Since its formation, it has kept a firm belief in achieving client satisfaction; by ensuring the projects are delivered on time and without cost overruns. All this is achieved by working efficiently with its ever-increasing professional team of architects, designers and sub-contractors.  

A vast majority of the company’s new projects are awarded on a recommendation basis from the prestigious portfolio of clientele built over the past 30 years. 

With the continuing hands on involvement of the company’s directors, the client has satisfaction and peace of mind. This, coupled with the company’s relatively flexible organisation structure provides the best basis for prompt decision making/client response and overall effectiveness. 

The company’s mission is simply to attain the respect, friendship and trust in the individual clients’ future based upon the below 


From Humble Beginnings

The offshoots of MP Brothers began to take root in the mid-sixties in North London. Four Brothers having migrated from East Africa were working for a prominent English contractor. 

Having built a solid reputation with this contractor, the Contracts Manager appreciated the quality of their work enough to suggest they form a business of their own. 

The Birth Of MP Brothers 

This gem of an idea was all the assurance the brothers needed. With the guidance from friends, MP Brothers was duly founded in 1972. The name came about due to the closeness of all the brothers – it consists of the first letter of the eldest brother, Manji (M), and the first letter of their father Premji (P), followed by the 3 remaining brothers.

The earlier years saw MP Brothers taking on small projects in the north of London. With the help of the manager of their bank in funding developments, the company set about buying large properties in the London area, and converting them into apartments for sale. 

A New Era 

In 1976 MP Brothers were awarded their first hotel refurbishment project in Bayswater, Central London. The project was an unqualified success; with this in mind the hotelier placed trust with the brothers and had no hesitancy in offering further contracts on even larger scale projects. This was the start of a new era for the company.

The brothers understood that the best way to expand the company was to meet the clients’ needs, finish the works on time, and achieve the expected quality of work within the clients’ budget. 

All in all, working as a team was the essence of the enjoyment for all concerned.

A New Generation Takes The Helm

1995 saw two brothers retire, followed by the remaining two in 1998. The 2nd generation, who themselves have been working with the company since the early 80’s, were determined to follow in the same fashion as their predecessors. The key was to continue to take the firm onto higher playing fields.

Health & Safety

MP Brothers has committed to safeguarding theHealth & Safety of its employees, of others who carry out works on its behalf & all those who may be affected by its work. The company follows a clear Health & Safety policy & seeks to continually improve its Health & Safety practices.  

MP Brothers Today  

The last 3 years has seen the company expand even further, allowing it to increase it’s clientele and build on its position earned over the past 30 years.  

It is with some pride that we put this growth down to the faith put in the company by satisfied clients. It is they who are recommending the firm, without hesitation, to their peers, colleagues and friends in an industry where reputation is essential. For this, we are eternally grateful, and think of them as an extension of our team.  

The word ‘team’ sums up MP Brothers. Teamwork is the only way that the company could have achieved what it has. Remember, unlike service organisations: 


Future Plans & objectives: 

MP Brothers objectives are:  

To build on its position gained over the past 30 years by developing and increasing its portfolio of clientele and projects.  

Exploiting it’s key competitive advantages, it’s reputation for innovation and reliability of delivering complex development projects. 

Placing the company’s considerable emphasies on the quality of relationships with suppliers customers and staff.